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Trails for Africa First aid kit

No traveller in Africa should be without a basic first aid kit. Medical facilities are simple and access to medicines limited. If you have any chronic medication then ensure you have sufficient supplies for twice the duration of your trail.

Use a waterproof container (tupperware is perfect) to put it all in

  •   Compression bandage
  •   Antiseptic creme (bactroban)
  •   Mecurochrome
  •   Broad spectrum antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin)
  •   Malaria prophylactic
  •   Malaria remedy (quinine sulphate)
  •   Strip and roll plasters
  •   Sunblock stick (SPF 30+)
  •   Anti inflammatory pills
  •   Imodium / diarrhea pills
  •   Anti histamine pills
  •   Water purification tablets
  •   Headache pills
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