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Trails for Africa Trail classification

Before you take the plunge we endeavour to describe in as much detail as possible what each trail offers you as well as what is required from you (apart from money!).

Our classification system is based on a simple subjective scale of 1-5 assuming the average trail goer.

Mr. or Ms. average is assumed to be 30 years old, of good health and participates in the relevant trail activity at least once a month.

If you are not Mr. or Ms. average then adjust the grading up or down accordingly.

Trails for Africa Rating key

This rating is based on interviews with Mr. and Ms. average.

  •   1 - Gentle exercise
  •   2 - Good exercise
  •   3 - Fairly strenuous
  •   4 - Experience required!
  •   5 - I want my mommy!
Trails for Africa Technical ratings

In addition to the subjective grading we also offer various technical ratings where necessary.

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