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Trails for Africa Cooking equipment list

In the unlikely event that you will need to do any cooking we reccommend the following equipment..

Many have argued that the newer pressurised multifuel burners are the only way to go. However we have found that the basic alcohol burner is simpler, faster, safer and cheaper (if you can find one!). Use whichever you prefer.

Please view our Trail recipes for food quantities and recipe suggestions.

We have assumed that each set of cooking equipment will need to cater for 4 people

  •   Basic Alcohol cooker or Fancy pressurised multifuel burner
  •   Sufficient fuel for trail*
  •   Large aluminium pot with lid sufficient to cook 500g pasta/rice
  •   Medium aluminium pot sufficient to cook sauce/topping
  •   Large spoon for stirring/serving
  •   Small board for chopping ingredients
  •   Salt,pepper & spice selection
  •   Small dishcloth
  •   Lighter & box matches

* Fuel quantities vary with the stove you use. For a simple alcohol stove you can plan on using 75ml per person per day for ALL cooking requirements (including all meals, and 5 cups hot drinks). Pressurised multifuel burners are more efficient and plan you can halve this requirement (depending on your cooker).

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