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Essential data

Group size:

Maximum 24 people.


[4] - strenuous for regular hikers, not recommended for the unfit.
Neville rating [42.49]


8 days 7 nights 108Km

Typical day:

5-8 hours average day covers between 13 and 18 kilometres.


basic huts and rudimentary bedding. electricity at Diepwalle & Harkerville huts.


firewood, grids, water with NO pots

Departure point

Beervlei hut

Finish point:

Harkerville hut

Getting there:

Take the N2 north from capeTown, trail between George and Plettenberg bay.

Best time of year

November, December, March, April

Trail operator

South African National Parks (SANP) Tel : 27 (0)12 426 5111
for more info : 044-3025606


In addition to the basic equipment list please view the hiking list.
Trails for Africa Outeniqua hiking trail
This is a SELF ORGANISE trail!    Please make your own bookings for this trail using trail operator details at bottom of left hand column

The Outeniqua Trail is one of the toughest (if you do the entire trail) and well known trails in South Africa

The Harkerville hut at end of trail is also the first hut for the 2 day and night Harkerville trail. So if you want to make the trail an xtra day longer and take in the spectacular Harkerville forest and scary coastal cliffs...

The cheapest option is to organise the trail yourself. Dont forget National Park fees which are over and above the trail fees.

Hikers do not have to hike the full 7 days; 2 or 3 days are allowed. .The trail may only be done in one direction - from West to East. The total distance of the trail is 108km.

Beervlei hut is the start of the hiking trail& vehicles may be parked there.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Beervlei hut - Windmeulnek hut (16km) The nearest parking to Windmeulnek is Karatara, which is 8 km away. A 2-day circular trail can be hiked here

Day 2: Windmeulnek hut - Platbos hut (17km) Farleigh Forest Station is 2 km from Platbos hut. Vehicles can be parked at Farleigh Parking Area or at Karatara

Day 3: Platbos hut - Millwood hut (15km)Cars must be parked at Goudveld parking area.A circular trail can be hiked here.

Day 4: Millwood hut - Rondebossie hut (17km)Parking is only allowed at Gouna Forest Station.

Day 5: Rondebossie hut - Diepwalle hut (13 km)A very popular hut with electricity and warm water. Braai facilities are either in the open or underroof ( when it rains). The Diepwalle hut is 13km(:!:5hrs ) from Rondebossie and 17kIn (5 hrs) from Fisantehoek.

Day 6: Diepwalle hut - Fisantehoek hut (16km)No cars are allowed at Fisantehoek.

Day 7: Fisantehoek hut - Harkerville hut (17km)Very popular hut as it is the end of the Outeniqua and also the beginning of the very popular Harkerville Coastal Hiking Trail. The Harkerville hut can accommodate 12 cyclists in the outside room. This hut also has electricity and warm water. Vehicles must be parked at Harkerville Forest Station and hot at the hut.

We are not liable for any loss, damage or injury on your side; your travel insurance should include accident, health cover and emergency rescue.

Please Note:Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to change prices if necessary.

File images
Trail layout and distances
Trail layout and distances

Beervlei hut
Beervlei hut

diepwalle hut
diepwalle hut

fisantehoek hut
fisantehoek hut

harkerville hut
harkerville hut

rondebossie hut
rondebossie hut

windmeulnek hut
windmeulnek hut

outeniqua yellowwood forest
outeniqua yellowwood forest

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