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Trails for Africa Basic equipment list

The equipment listed here is essential equipment for any trail in Africa. If you are carrying your own equipment remember the obvious - travel light!

On demand clothing
  •   Good quality waterproof jacket
  •   Hely hanson or equivalent shirt with wicking fabric
Day time clothing
  •   Khaki, green and brown colored clothing.
  •   Shorts with pockets
  •   T-shirt or longsleeved cotton shirt with collar for sun sensitive types
  •   Slip slops or sandals
  •   Wide brimmed well ventilated hat with cord to secure.
  •   Swimming costume
  •   Polarised sun glasses with neck strap
  •   Kikoi or sarong (light cotton wrap)
Night time clothing
  •   Warm jersey or fleece jacket
  •   Long sleeved cotton shirt
  •   Light cotton pants
  •   Warm or fleece pants
  •   Thermal vest
  •   Thick socks
  •   Comfortable shoes (trainers)
General equipment
  •   Laminated map of trail route (scale of 1:50000 or better)
  •   Cellphone & List of emergency contact numbers.
  •   Lighter and Matches
  •   Head torch (Petzel tikka is ideal) and spare batteries
  •   Waterproof bag for night stuff
  •   2litre Water bottle
  •   Warm sleeping bag (Africa can be cold!)
  •   First aid kit
  •   Mosquito repellant
  •   Small mirror
  •   Swiss army knife / leatherman or equivalent
  •   Toiletries including a full roll of toilet paper
  •   Plate/butterknife/fork/spoon/cup
  •   "Ziplock" freezer bags to waterproof small items
  •   Camera witha a good supply of film and batteries
  •   Lightweight binoculars/monocular
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